google-impacted on peoples lives

Google has impacted on people’s lives massively both very positively but also negatively.

Nicholas Carr a writer asks Is Google making us stupid?

He said that the deep reading that used to come natuarally to him has become a struggle.   The web has been a godsend to him as a writer as research that required days can be done in minutes.  The advantages he states of having such an incredible rich store of information are many but it comes at a price.

How he sees the net affecting him is that it seems to be chipping away at his capacity for concentration and contemplation.  His mind expects to take in information the way the Net distributes it; in a swiftly moving stream.  He states once he was a scuba diver in the sea of words now he zips along the surface like a guy on a jet ski.

Web search technology in general and Google in particular is the all important tool we have to-day to extract information from a vast mine of data.  Millions of people use google daily to satisfy their wants and needs.  Google has transformed these needs and wants into a successful business.

Small businesses claim that Google is unfair to them by promoting large businesses.

Google and its potential impact on retailers without physical stores.
Google has changed how it displays local search results.   Big companies like Amazon won’t be effected because they have their own following.
With Google placing more emphasis on local listing e.g. clothing stores Next, Top Shop New Look this is good news for them but not so good for on-line only competitors.  These retailers are alreadiy evolving and aligning themselves with Youtube something Frech Connection have already started to explore with ‘Youtique’ and also how these retailers will use facebook and twitter.

Information from Google .com

Google is not just a search engine it has a lot more features built in like street maps, image search and videosearch.   Users can create a free e-mail address which will allow them to sign into Google and get more features like Google documents which has the unique ability to share with other users signed on to Google this allows 2 or more people to share and edit the same document.  It also allows you to post on Youtube and it also allows you to use Google plus.  Google plus is a social network similair to facebook but is more secure regarding privacy.  At this time it is not well known it has to build up a data base.

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