how to do movie

this  is  the  story  board   for  my  movie

How to take a portrait photo.

1. I will choose a model for my portrait.  For this I’m using my mother as she has agreed to this.

2.   The location is important this will be my next decision.

I have decided to take the photos in the conservatory in my house using a white backdrop as I already have a white backdrop.

3.  The equipment I have chosen it use is as follows,

A Cannon SLR

A Tripod

Flashgun Speedlight


4.   Set up Location

5   Position Tripod

6.   Set up Camera

7.   Poses for Model taking into account models personality and mobility

8   Take a series of different photos  in order that the model has a choice because the one Iike best may not be the one the model likes best as it is a very subjective view.

9   This is the picture the model chose.

I   also  use   zooming  in  and out    panning  left  and right  to  get  the  desired  affects  on  my movie I  also  used  a sony  bloggie  . A fried  help  me  by  using  the  camera  to take  my  movie.For  the  filming  of the  movie my  mother  did  mine  and  i did  hers.

this  is  the   link  to  my  finished   movie

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