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reportage photos

Here is  some reportage photos  that  tell some sort of  story. I found  them  on  the   net.

Adobe Photoshop PDFets_reportagereportage-photo

here  is  my reportage it  is  a brides big day

IMG_4144 IMG_4160 IMG_4179 IMG_4185 IMG_4210

interor photos

Here is  some interior photos i  found  on the web


Here is three photos that i took on interor

DSCN0380DSCN0381 DSCN0382

fashion photos

Here is some  fashion  photos  that  i  found on the one  is  of  jewelry on a girl one  is  of  boots  and  the  last  one  is  of  Kate middltons wedding

fashion-jewelry-0609-5-lgWomens Fashion Boots3kate1

Theese are four photos that  i took  on fasion

IMG_1712 IMG_6888 IMG_6892 IMG_6929

studio photographer

Studio photographer

activates to posse and take  photos of  professional  models  ,families  ,people  and pets .

job opportunists  photographers  are normally self imploded  and  have  to  make  there own  work.

equipment you  will  need  a  good slr  like a canon eos5d  ,tripod ,studio lights (high quality) and  a backdrop system with a  good  selection of  backdrops. This will cost  a

lot  but  you only  need  one  len 18-55mm for  the  camera.

copyright free audio

For  this  task  we  were  to  research copy right5 free  audio this  is  what  i   found This  site  you  need  to  register  you  can  upload  and  download  sounds but  not  music and  you  can not  make  any  profit  from  it


This  site  is  the  same  as  above  but  you  can  upload or download music and  voices.

In  a hole  free  sites  you  can not  make  profit  from  it  some  sites  let  you  go  to  a sister  site  that  you  have  to  pay  for.

copyright free video

we  where  asked  to   research  copy free video  video  sites  that  let  you download  and  edit  them.  what  is  there   restrictions  to  there  use here is  what i  found.

it is  easy  to  use  just  log in  and agree  to  terms and  conditions and  you  will  get  a  password  .  can  only  use  it  for   research  and education . you can not  make  profit    from it  or  can  you  edit   the   work.

this an  easy  web  site  to  use  just  join  and  log  you  must  read  the  privacy terms  as  they   share  info  with  third  party’s you can not  profit  from  it  and  you can  not  make  money  from  the  video  you  upload

typography twinkle twinkle little star

For this task I was asked to produce a short 30 second movie wih sound using words only.  The actions to suit the words.

I decided to use the nursery rhyme tinkle twinkle litte star.

I downloaded from youtube music and words for the rhyme.  I matched the words to the music using adobe premier pro CS6.   I used opacity for twinkle twinkle and the line like a diamond in the sky to give appearance of sparkle.

Little star I made the words smaller and had them coming in from top left and top right and moving down.

How I wonder what you are came in from left side.

Up above the world so high I rotated in.

I used all these different actions to suit the words and timed it to the music and words. 

I used copperplate gothic bold for the typography.

I then exported it to youtube here is the link


News photographer the job

Acctives  to  capture  stories  that  are  making  headlines for  that  like royalty and crimes  as  well  other thing  hitting  the  news

job  opartunites

It is  mostly free lance


You  will  need  a  good  slr  like a canon  eso5d mark3 as  wel  as  lenes  18-55mm and 55-300mm. you  as  need  a  lot  of  battries  for  the  camera

Good points

You  are  in feild  and  good pay ( when you  get  work)

bad points

free lance  no  stedy incume  and  you  be  out in  all  weathers



Rules  of thirds is  when  the focal point of a photo should not  be in the center it  should  be  in  the  left  or  right third of the picture.  For landscapes  the sky should be the top third or twothirds th same for the land.

Here  is  exsamples   i  found  on   the  web


Here  is  took


depth of field photos

here is  three  examples  of  depth of  field  by  other  photographersgnome-dofistock_generic_7271camera-dof-cars-slow-360

Here is  some  took

aperture-wide1  DSCN0059a shallow-depth-of-field1