E-book Research – cover, content page, collated

Ideas for Title – Cover of e-book- Contents page:   from research gathered.

Title –-Heritage of Lauder Technical School/College/Carnegie College.

Sub title  – – ‘A Dunfermline/West Fife College – Always Ahead Of  It’s Time’.   If room on cover:  Three Pictures perhaps overlapping on angle. (Founder –Benefactor- NC Level 5 Digital Media Tutor and Students in Class at Computers).

Pictures on cover – Take picture of George Lauder’s portrait in Library.( This done) Take picture of Andrew Carnegie’s head and shoulder’s from college. (Picture not good try again)

Ask Neil to take picture of NC5 Media Class working at desks to include Chris as tutor.

Takes into account past and up to the present day.

Contents Page:

 Lauder Technical School/College/Carnegie College.

  1. 1.      19th century Founder of Technical School George Lauder
  2. 2.      19th Benefactor of Technical School Andrew Carnegie.
  3. Men ahead of their times George Lauder, Dunfermline – John F. Kennedy, 35th President USA. Andrew Carnegie, Dunfermline/America.  Quotes from different time periods 19th  -20th century carrying the same essential message.  These would be in the form of an info graphic. (G .Lauder & J.F. Kennedy and Andrew Carnegie).
  4. Histories of some of the various building making up Lauder/Carnegie College. (Together with  pictures taken in 2013 and pictures scanned from Lauder Legacy Book and short heading on their use then and now for Dunfermline and West Fife Communities.
  5.  Learning/teaching.   Some of the subjects on the curriculum throughout the College’s history
  6. 6.      Surviving and thriving in the  21st century.

Mention new name:  Fife College from 1/8/2013. – Principal Hugh Logan.

Research collated so far to meet the above requirements.

Title – Front Cover of book Photo of Carnegie & Lauder. –  One photo of our class to be taken.

Contents Page complete and points 1 – 6 collated.   Research Weeks 1 – 4 complete.

Info Graphic to be completed and some photos still to be collated.



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