Overall Evaluation for e-book + individuals contributions

We all worked well as a group to produce the finished e-book.  We had worked together in other projects therefore we worked to our strengths.  At the beginning we sat together and planned who would do what.  At each stage of the e-book we all discussed what would improve our completed task e.g. what would go into the contents page what photos we would insert, which cover we would use, and which poster to advertise the book.

The main research for content was completed by Yvonne.  This involved research from Lauder College archives, the Carnegie Library and the internet.  I also produced one of the versions of the cover for the e-book using Adobe Photoshop and research from the internet for images.

Bogusia did the main work on producing the e-book by using the programme Sigil this was the first time this programme was used on the course.  It was a complicated programme to learn from scratch.  Bogusia also did the research on the Blue colour swatches for the e-book.

Grant produced all the photographs for the e-book he had to re-size them for the book.  Grant also produced one of the versions for the book cover, and one of the versions of a poster to advertise the book using Adobe Photoshop.

Agnieszka produced the version we decided to use of the poster advertising the the e-book she used Adobe Photoshop and also research into the fonts to be used in the Poster.  Agnieszka also did research on the Brown colour swatches for the book.

To conclude we are all happy with the learning experience and how well we worked together not duplicating the work but bringing in on time our own part of the work to complete the book


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