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Key Digital Audio Terms

ADC – Analog to Digital Conversion

Going from an electrical signal from the mic to a digital file on the computer

SAMPLING – taking measurements of the electrical and turning them into a digital value. Takes a measurement 48000 times every second. 48khz which is called the sample rate.

CODEC – Compression – Decompression. Compressor – Decompressor Important for organising the data in the file so the computer knows what to do with it.

COMPRESSION – 3 types of copmpression

1 Uncompressed – .wav file ending
2 Compressed – Lossy compression – .mp3
3 Compressed – Lossless .FLAC

DAC – Digital to Analog.

CODEC decompresses or opens file for an application such as Winamp to play.

The soundcard turns the digital values back into electrical signals which can be amplified and played through a speaker.

10 Sounds recorded

For this project I went out using a H2 recorded and recorded the following 10 sounds, traffic lights stopping and traffic lights signal.  A diesel van going past, a lift going up and down, people in the canteen talking, chairs being moved in canteen, car engine being revved, people talking in class, traffic on road, and people walking down a corridor.

All these sounds were imported to Adobe Audition 1.5 and then it was edited into a sequence.  The sequence was then exported into sound cloud.  Here is the link.



Mr. Whyte Movie Clip

This is the movie about a teacher moving about the collage.  The clip was silent and sounds were to be added.  I did this using I also used sounds from the Silent Hill track supplied by the tutor.  I then imported the clip and the sounds I gathered into Adobe Pro and edited then so they were in sequence with the clip.  I then exported the finished work into You tube here is the link.




beach walk

this  my  mix  of  sounds  for  a story of  walking  on  the  beach  using adobe adition  the  sounds  i  got  from  freesounds .org and then  i put  it up  on  soundcloud

this  is  the  link

bass guitar paino

this  is  three  piece  music that did  using  adobe

this is  the  link

three clip sounds

this  is  the  three  sounds  that  i  recorded  i  then    put  them   through adobe audition   and  then I went into for the suprise sound.  I than put it on soundcloud here is the link