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feed back

did  you like it

hospitality ( 1 to5 ) (1=ok 5= very good)

informative   about  course

presentation (1 to 5)

venue  (to 5)

anything  you  really  lkied

these  are  the  questions   that   we  will  ask    visitors.

exhibition sound systems

we  will  have  a  lap top  playing  mp3  music  which  gose into  a  mixer that  sends  it   into  the  speakers   we  also  have  a  mic  for  the  guest  speaker.

mixer  16 channel  spirt  folio

speakers  srm  450

shur  micaphones

lap top

theese  are  four  photos  of  a set up

animated text

this  is   a  link  to  my  animated  text  with  music  that   i  made  using  adobe flash


fashion show pa systums

the  fashion  show  pa systums is





laptop/mp3 players

video mimes

this  is  a link  to  my  cartoon  video  of  my  and  acartoon  camera



midi  stands  for musical  instrorments digital  interface

it  used  by  musition  to  record  files    like  socre  which  contains  the  info  beening  played

it  is  good  for  ring tones  and  games

notes  by   the  voice  like  pino  or  trumpit  or  so

it is  used  for kareoke


my  songs



museums screens

lcd   screens  split  into  section   with  differnet    content  static or  moving  info.





touch  screen    are  interactive




lcd  video  loop  gave  you

back ground  info  on  the  existion




large  screen  with  projectors it  brought  it  to  life




scinticfic   exsperment




3d  special  screen




cinama  screen  with  audio





table  top  screen ineractive


jazz studio

we  used  audio  samples  to  make  tune on  jazz  studio  program

montion graphic uses

t.v  ,adverts ,  station i.d

films , titles  ,trailers

inter active   games , web

environment   hiosk,  art  installation  advertising


montion graphic elements


graphics drawing




computer  generated graphics