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montage video

we  where  tasked  to  make  an montage video i  used  clips  that  i  took  at  new  year  an edited  them  so  each clip  lasted  about 5 seconds  and  used them  untill  the  video  lasted  90 seconds long i  then  add   sounds from a  new year  fireworks display  that i  got  from youtube  i  then  exported it  to youtube here is  the link


typography twinkle twinkle little star

For this task I was asked to produce a short 30 second movie wih sound using words only.  The actions to suit the words.

I decided to use the nursery rhyme tinkle twinkle litte star.

I downloaded from youtube music and words for the rhyme.  I matched the words to the music using adobe premier pro CS6.   I used opacity for twinkle twinkle and the line like a diamond in the sky to give appearance of sparkle.

Little star I made the words smaller and had them coming in from top left and top right and moving down.

How I wonder what you are came in from left side.

Up above the world so high I rotated in.

I used all these different actions to suit the words and timed it to the music and words. 

I used copperplate gothic bold for the typography.

I then exported it to youtube here is the link



We were tasked to  make a short movie  lasting  about  2 minutes long. Using shapes , lines and colors . We were told  to  use  the  program particle illusion. To  make  the clips then  we  had  to  import  them  into  Adobe pro. Where we  edited  them and  added  titles  and  music to the sequence. Then  exported  them to you tube.

Here is the link


Beauty Video – Pygmy Hippo’s Edinburgh Zoo

I was tasked to make a short movie 2 and a half minutes to 3 minutes long the subject of what I considered beauty.  I chose the pygmy hippo because there is only 3,000 of these animals left in the wild as there habitat has been destroyed by logging and farming.

I first when to the Zoo and took a series of video clips using an apex digital (HD) camera.   I then imported the clips to Adobe Pro where I edited them to make the sequence of the video I wanted.  I then added suitable music to the edited video.  I then imported it to You tube this is the Link


3 shot movie

I made short movie using a long shot  a meduim shot  and  close up shot  i then   imported them to  adobe pro  and edit them  to  make  the  movie  i  also  added  music   uploaded  it  to  youtube  here is  the link


beauty zoo animals

i   am  going  to  do  a short  movie  on  beautiful  zoo  animals  in  Edinburgh zoo  and  i  am  going  add  music  of   the  lion  sleeps  tonight. Here  is  a  link  to  amovie  that  someone else did  in    L.A