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Animation finished movie

I finished the task assigned the animation movie is one minute 15 seconds long and took 286 images to complete.  I used photoshop to resize the pictures and used wmv movie maker.    Iused Adobe Pro to add title and credits and to create the movie.  For the sounds I used Freesound.org.   The finished product in now on youtube the link is

animation update

all  photos   re-sized  and  now   researching   for  the  sound  track  ready  to  start    making   the   animation program  for  the  assigned task.





breif for animation

Our  breif  is  to   make   an  short   2  minuite  (apox) long   animation  film  .Using  aweb  or  still  camera  and  adobe  premera.  it  also   has  to   have  suitable   sound  track.we  can  any  question  to  do  the  task.