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facebook-impact on our lives

Facebook has impacted on peoples lives for good or bad in various ways:

1 – It allows people within society to keep in touch with one another in an easily accessible and immediate manner.  It also allows others to see what you have being doing and use this in some cases to fire you.  The evidence below is just one case there have been many over the passed years.

From State Library New South Wales HSC Legal Studies News Watch.
Don’t post party pictures of yourself on sick leave.  Anthony Dekot lost his job when his boss found photos from a facebook page with him participating in a New Year’s Celebration.

2 – Impact on disabled people.  Facebook gives a voice to disabled people who otherwise may not be heard.  As well as allowing easy access to family friends and work collegues, it allows disabled people to keep informed on their rights and much more  in an easily accessible way.

3- Information used by Facebook to make money.  Facebook offers services in exchange for the right to collect demographic and preference data from it’s users.  The number of facebook accounts is over 500million and facebook provides data tools to advertisers that help it make impressions on targeted audiences,

4 – Facebook as an effective business Tool.  There are a huge number of websites advertising facebook for business use it is obvious there is a market for this. Gigaom has a site stating 32 Ways to use facebook for business.

5 – People are hooked on Facebook.   A study shows that one third of Americans regularly use facebook in the bathroom.  http://www.allfacebook.com/study-13-of-americans-use-facebook-in-the-bathroom-2011-01 Link

Facebook impacts on its users lives not only within family and friends but in the workplace , negatively in the case highlighted in number 1. .
It ‘s importance is also acknowledged within service provision as can be seen from the web address in number 2.
Privacy is an issue see number 3.
Businesses do take such a resource into account  – number 4.   People even use facebook in bathroom see number 5

face book timeline

No this is too much trouble at the moment.  I will not be changing because all the changes that they have made make the site look messy.

Questions about facebook

When did it start?

Harvard University 2003/4

What was it like in the beginning?  list of  people and  photos

Who started it? Mark  Zuckerbery

How did it develop into what it is to-day?over time with  people  using  it

Who uses it and what for?everyone  it  is  use contacting and  making  friends

If it was taken off the web tomorrow would it really matter?no  people  will find other  ways  to  socialise

facebook in the news

This  is  a  story  of  a  boy  of  16  years  old  who  was   charged   with   what  he  posted  on  facebook link to storyhttp://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hereford-worcester-14920609