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typography twinkle twinkle little star

For this task I was asked to produce a short 30 second movie wih sound using words only.  The actions to suit the words.

I decided to use the nursery rhyme tinkle twinkle litte star.

I downloaded from youtube music and words for the rhyme.  I matched the words to the music using adobe premier pro CS6.   I used opacity for twinkle twinkle and the line like a diamond in the sky to give appearance of sparkle.

Little star I made the words smaller and had them coming in from top left and top right and moving down.

How I wonder what you are came in from left side.

Up above the world so high I rotated in.

I used all these different actions to suit the words and timed it to the music and words. 

I used copperplate gothic bold for the typography.

I then exported it to youtube here is the link

link http://youtu.be/YmNdNkhxZVk

Beauty Video – Pygmy Hippo’s Edinburgh Zoo

I was tasked to make a short movie 2 and a half minutes to 3 minutes long the subject of what I considered beauty.  I chose the pygmy hippo because there is only 3,000 of these animals left in the wild as there habitat has been destroyed by logging and farming.

I first when to the Zoo and took a series of video clips using an apex digital (HD) camera.   I then imported the clips to Adobe Pro where I edited them to make the sequence of the video I wanted.  I then added suitable music to the edited video.  I then imported it to You tube this is the Link

link http://youtu.be/sdM18Dka-pk

exhibition sound systems

we  will  have  a  lap top  playing  mp3  music  which  gose into  a  mixer that  sends  it   into  the  speakers   we  also  have  a  mic  for  the  guest  speaker.

mixer  16 channel  spirt  folio

speakers  srm  450

shur  micaphones

lap top

theese  are  four  photos  of  a set up

music technology support site

link https://sites.google.com/a/carnegiedigital.com/music-technology-project-level/

music technology

Music Technology is recording, editing and mastering of digital audio on a computer based system using a mixture of software and hardware as part of the production process