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9 photos as chris’s brief

9 pictures as brief from Chris.

Wind Turbine using the rule of thirds from a ground level angle.landscape

School behind college again using rule of third’s ground level angle. landscape

College and students from a high angle in sunlight and shadow.


Low angled photo. landscape

Picture of lights receding into the distance.

Lights in corridor receding taken from a low angle.

Close up of student taken level face on. portrait

Medium shot taken from level right angle. landscape

story in photos

This  is  my  story  in  photos  it  is  all  about my  holiday  in  venice and  the  gondoliers.

research photos that tell a story

this  is  a  link  on  photos  that  tell  a story  and  how  to  create  them.


reseach-photos that tell a story

this  is  an  link  of  photos  that  tell  a  story  that  i  found  on  the   net


tell a story in photos – brief

our  final  task  of  this  block  is  to  take  10 or 12  photos  that  tell  a  story  without  using  words  it  can  be  any  topic  we like.  we  can   use  photoshop  to  enhance   the  photos.

Pictures Brief – Bridges over burns in Fife

We were asked to take 15 to 20 pictures of our choosing with a theme I chose to do bridges over burns. The lyne burn bridges in Dunfermline Glen and two bridges over the Dreel burn in Anstruther.  I chose this because of the different architecture of the bridges and the beauty of the surrounding water and trees.

The equipment I used was a Cannon SLR EOS50D.  The camera was set on Jpeg the highest setting to ensure that the photographs would be of the highest standard possible.  I used a tripod to ensure that the camera remained steady.

The software I used was Adobe Premier 9.

I used the rules of composition I was given in a tutorial.

1. Rule of thirds

2. Shapes and lines

3. Framing my subject

4 Look for symetry and pattern

5 Choose point of view.

After taking over 100 pictures I chose the best 20 and put them into a folder to work on using photoshop croping, and enhancing where appropriate.

I then put 18 pictures on my blog in a gallery format.

I found the task very enjoyable.   The subject I chose gave me a lot of scope.  I found using the viewfinder better than the LCD screen when taking the pictures.I  found getting  the  right  posion and  think  of  the  rule  of  thrids  when  taking  my  photos  was the  hardest  part the  task.The  next  i will  take  alot  more  time  over  it.


photo project bidges over burns

photos in and around college

Me and my team mates decided to go around the college and the canteen to get the photos that were given on the list.  These were of strange objects and hard to find.  The ones we could not find easily we got from the library.

The time scale given saw short to take the pictures but acceptable.   The rules were followed the aims were met.   The photos taken and imported from the camera using a reader and then were uploaded onto flash drives.  In order that all members of my team could work on these.  The photos were then uploaded onto this site as requested.  As a group we worked well together/  I enjoyed working with Yvonne and Jamie and I also enjoyed this assignment.   I would in future read the aims more carefully because I realised i didn’t have to get as many pictures because a few less would demonstrate that I could meet the aims stated.