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10 Sounds recorded

For this project I went out using a H2 recorded and recorded the following 10 sounds, traffic lights stopping and traffic lights signal.  A diesel van going past, a lift going up and down, people in the canteen talking, chairs being moved in canteen, car engine being revved, people talking in class, traffic on road, and people walking down a corridor.

All these sounds were imported to Adobe Audition 1.5 and then it was edited into a sequence.  The sequence was then exported into sound cloud.  Here is the link.



Mr. Whyte Movie Clip

This is the movie about a teacher moving about the collage.  The clip was silent and sounds were to be added.  I did this using freesound.org I also used sounds from the Silent Hill track supplied by the tutor.  I then imported the clip and the sounds I gathered into Adobe Pro and edited then so they were in sequence with the clip.  I then exported the finished work into You tube here is the link.


Link  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KA0qcNiFoJ8