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youtube- impacted on people’s lives

Youtube – Impact on people’s lives.

You Tube is important to give people both individually and in groups an outlet for their talents,
, for example NC4 animations were aired there this was very satisfying.

1 – It allows people the access and opportunity to broadcast themselves or other sorts of video media onto the internetYoutube can be used as a tool to put yourself and your talents out for the world to see and judge.

2 – It creates internet celebrities.  On 16th July 2010 Justin Bieber’s video ‘Baby’ became the most viewed video of all time on Youtube with over 245 million views.

3 – Follow the money trail.  Google paid 1.65billion dollars in 2006 for Youtube Yahoo was also at this time in the bidding war but lost.   Obviously advertising is big business and companies must think it is worth while to buy advertising space on Youtube.

4 – Youtube is a video sharing website created by 3 former pay pal employees in Febrary 2005.  Users can upload and share videos and music.  Users must be over 18 years old. Linkhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/YouTube


people obviously get a lot from this site both in posting their own material and enjoying others creative abilities as can be seen from the hits on the ‘Baby’ video.  It also supports a lot of businesses in advertising.