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Colour Investigation

Colour Investigation


Our group used the above site to help us decide on our colour palette for the book.  We choose to use a brown warm colour palette and a blue cool colour palette.  The reason we chose these two palette were because the Lauder Technical College corporate colours were brown.  We decided not to use the brown because the Lauder Legacy Book used this colour and we decided to move forward.  We used blue colour palette because blue is the main colour of Carnegie College and we thought this would show some continuity in thinking of our heritage.

Investigation of Fonts suitable for older people.

We are looking at fonts that are clear and easy to read for older readers.

fontThe first font we chose of the two asked for was Adobe Garamond Pro.  We chose this because it looked clear but attractive and easy to read.  From the samples above we felt we wanted the following for use in our book.

Regular 400 we chose for the paragraphs
Semi Bold 600 we chose for the Sub Headings

Bold 700 for the Main Heading.

The second font we chose was Aller.

font 2We have decided to use the Aller because it seem clearer and easier to read for our readers.  It is also attractive.