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Photos in magazines papers and on the web

We  were tasked  to get  photos from  the  web a paper and a magazine on sports  ,landscapes and lifestyles  one of each. The next three photos are on sport.

HB_-_NSI_football_match_02. web jpg this is from the  web                IMG_1748 this   is  from  a paper

IMG_1770this is from a magazine

the set  are  on lifestyles

Balmoral_2012-11-20 this photo is from the  web   ferry courier 7.12.12.jpg This  photo is  from  a paper

fred olsen magazine ship This photo is from a magazine

the last set  is  on  landscapes

10060358 This  photo is from  the  web

IMG_1749this photo  is  from a paper   IMG_1750 this  photo  is  from  a magazine

web content day 1

we  set up  categories  and  got used to  word press