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finnal project

plan. Plan – Notes on Zooming with Fire Video

Agnieszka, Boguslawa,Grant,Yvonne.

Chris asked that we produce a plan for a video.  We were to work  in a group and were expected to use the zoom in our video and to use the internet for out of world and aerial views of Carnegie College and to take views of the college.  Each of us were to use the video camera and when completed to do our own editing.

The plan had eight scenes and 2 titles and was as follows:

Title –  Zoom

  1. Outer Space NASA World
  2. Google Earth Aerial view U.K. Dunfermline, Carnegie College.
  3. Long Shot Carnegie College taken from Halbeath Round-a-bout.
  4. Corridor in building construction Carnegie College
  5. Media Space Door Carnegie College
  6. Media Space Class room close shot
  7. Close up face Media Space.
  8. Extreme close-up Eyes

Title – End

The original plan changed to above when we carried out the video.  

We then individually edited the video using mp4. choosing music and shots that we wanted to use but all using the above

this  is  a link  to  the  movie


three type shot movie

we   were   task  to  make  a movie  with  three  diffrent   types  of  shot

I  used  extreme  close up,   mid  lenth shot and   long  shot.  here  is  the   link  to  the   finished   movie


digital video cam

sensor  detects  light  going  into  the  camera  through  the  lense

the  sensor converts the  light  into  electriacl  signals theses signals

are  turn into  digital  values  the  values  are  orgnized  and  stored as  files this crates a  lot  of  data we  want  to  keep  the  file  size  small

to  do  this  we  use  compression .the  software that  compress the file is called  a codec you can  get  diffent types of codec  which  gives  you  difrent  files

how to do movie

this  is  the  story  board   for  my  movie

How to take a portrait photo.

1. I will choose a model for my portrait.  For this I’m using my mother as she has agreed to this.

2.   The location is important this will be my next decision.

I have decided to take the photos in the conservatory in my house using a white backdrop as I already have a white backdrop.

3.  The equipment I have chosen it use is as follows,

A Cannon SLR

A Tripod

Flashgun Speedlight


4.   Set up Location

5   Position Tripod

6.   Set up Camera

7.   Poses for Model taking into account models personality and mobility

8   Take a series of different photos  in order that the model has a choice because the one Iike best may not be the one the model likes best as it is a very subjective view.

9   This is the picture the model chose.

I   also  use   zooming  in  and out    panning  left  and right  to  get  the  desired  affects  on  my movie I  also  used  a sony  bloggie  . A fried  help  me  by  using  the  camera  to take  my  movie.For  the  filming  of the  movie my  mother  did  mine  and  i did  hers.

this  is  the   link  to  my  finished   movie

5x5clips movie

this  is  a link  to  my  finished  five clips  five  second  movie  of  me  and  my  mum  walking